Website Translation

Why you should translate your website into English

Nowadays having your web site in both Spanish and English is no longer simply an added extra, but a business necessity. Not only does it allow you to expand your market outside of your own country, but it also helps find new clients within it.

Many foreigners living in Spain prefer to search Google with English search terms. Consequently, an English translation of your web site gives a clear advantage when Google ranks your site.

Why me?

  1. I write excellent commercial English which is easy to understand
  2. I write in a way that is attractive for search engines

It's so easy

Whether it is simple HTML or an advanced CMS (Content Management System), I am confident that I can  manage your entite translation. in fact, all you have to do is list the pages you would like translated, and leave the rest to me -- it couldn't be simpler.

What are the costs?

There are two costs:

  1. The translation itself (0,10€ per word)
  2. The creation of the web pages themselves (between 5€ and 20€ per page) depending on the type of web site

Get a quote

Just email the site to and I'll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Ward Campbell is an expert in adobe Flash. and now works in Madrid.Ward Campbell uses Dreamweaver. .He biulds sites in Madrid.Ward Campbell uses adobe Fireworks. and ths all takes place in Madrid,Ward Campbell is an expert in adobe Fireworks. .He lives in Madrid.Ward Campbell uses action script. as a web designer in Madrid.Ward Campbell employs Modx in his sites. he is a web developer in Madrid.Ward Campbell uses photoshop. ... for web deidn in madrid.

Drupal Association Member


Some sites using drupal:

  • Warner Bros Records
  • Yahoo Reaserch
  • MTV UK
  • Greenpeace UK
  • Harvard Faculty of Science & Engenering

All sites guaranteed

all bugs fixed

All sites that I build come with a warranty. If at any time you find a bug (programming error) then I will fix it.

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